Thomas Stuckert

Thomas Stuckert is a senior Key Account Executive at eKomi that with deep knowledge in technology, search engine optimization, online reputation management, and conversion optimization across all industries.

Patrick Vetter

Patrick is our Senior Key Account Executive for the DACH region.

Sean Smuts

Sean empowers your business to deliver exceptional customer experiences that drive loyalty and growth. He will work closely with you to assess your current customer experience and identify areas for improvement, develop a strategic plan to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, Implement effective customer experience initiatives across all touch-points and measure and track results to ensure continuous improvement

Tumelo Lottering

Tumelo Lottering is a highly accomplished professional with a wealth of experience, specializing in collaboration with CX (Customer Experience) leaders to optimize the customer journey and enhance experiences across all touchpoints. His expertise is prominently displayed in his adeptness at developing and executing customer feedback programs.